Who/Where are we?

Jaydon Restoration is a family owned restoration general contractor business based in Beaumont, TX

Why hire Jaydon Restoration?

Jaydon Restoration is a faith based family owned business.

While you receive personal service, Jaydon Restoration is a large National Emergency Response Contractor.

We work with all types of projects ranging from residential to large commercial and Industrial jobs.

We specialize in General Contracting, Emergency Services, Clean-up, Climate Control Services, Excellent Communication between you and your insurance.

By hiring Jaydon Restoration will allow you to continue in your same daily schedules as they we handle your project from start to finish to allow you minimal interruptions.

We will communicate with your insurance company. We are professionals who work within this field every day. You may say the right thing the wrong way and your insurance could deny your claim costing you countless dollars of financial loss.

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